Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Humbling experience.

Been really occupied with work, induction trainings, work, trainings again, did not even get time for the kinda training I wanted to do... could pump some heavy steels right now as I type.

Work life has been rewarding and humbling so far; right people, right place, right time, right job(?). Good thing about this job is that I get to give advices and share mutual experiences with customers; it feels good to be able to help people; cause there will never be enough good deeds in this world (and the world needs every single one of it!).


Just attended GNC annual dinner 2013. I cannot stress enough how humble the people are, my heart is touched!
I have met so many wonderful people, and many many more to come! Shout out to store head A'sim, Kakak Nadia & Masnur, and Sifu Samuel!
God bless the good souls, God bless the good souls.

You take some, you lose some.

All good things must come to an end, or if so.
Had a (rather) bad experience riding a cab after annual dinner.
-Driver charges RM40 from KL to Sunway.
-Driver does not have change to pay tolls.
-I snap a photo of the driver's taxi license.
-Driver stops car in the middle of highway, asks to remove photo.
-I do as he says.
-Pay RM40, reach home.

Above all, I am thankful for what I have, all is Yours.
You, are above all!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spiritual Birthday

Happy Good Friday, and Happy Easter everyone.

Today marks a special day in my life - a beginning of my personal journey with God, all Glory to You. I was thankful enough to have my few good friends here in Kuala Lumpur together, to celebrate this day, the day which two thousand and thirteen years ago, Jesus died on the cross for us and our sins. Friend Philip, Kent, and Lyon really exemplified themselves as believers of God; their tireless devotion to Christianity really touches my heart. Thank you, and thank You!

This is going to be a long and wonderful journey, but I know I won't be alone, never was!


Ok, back to life! *snaps fingers*
Let me share a little story of how I first contacted Christ and Christianity.

Gospel songs? Who do you think of? Hillsong United. That's right!

... which is exactly how I first heard how beautiful and graceful Christianity is.
Although to be honest, I didn't know nothing about it, but I knew it was beautiful and simply out of this world!

A high school friend (it think it was Edmund!) introduced me to them - totally blown away! I haven't been listening to their new stuffs, but some of their classic ones have been on my replay ever since (... and playing right now in the background too!)


Miri is relatively a small town. Six or seven years back then, if there was a concert, it's gonna be a big buzz. I remember going to this one with Edmund and few more friends! It was a Christian event, and man was it one of the best concerts I have had in my life time! I liked the energy, the positivity, the peacefulness, and most importantly the connectedness you feel when you are in the prayers.

Revelation(s) of God

Parents, brother and I, went to Malacca together for a short trip. We visited the Christ Church Melaka, I thought there was something magically inviting about that building.
It was a blazing hot sunny day I recall; but the moment I stepped in, a breeze of cold wind kisses my skins, inviting me to pace forward, in amazement of the interior of the church.
Suddenly, everything was quiet from the busy streets outside, the hawker stalls, street performers... zero... silence... flat peaceful.
I sat down on the long wooden bench, and moments later began to have the urge to weep. I felt lightened and lifted. It was a wonderful day.

It's difficult staying alone, away from your family and friends; and no one, but only yourself.
Accumulated pressures have made me worried about my parents, friends, and future.
One night, anxiety attack struck while I was trying to sleep, just like that. A rough rough reality check it was.
Sweating, heart pounding so fast my brain started to hurt. Tears started rolling down my eyes, I really felt like I was going to pass out from suffocation.
To His Grace, I suddenly saw a blinding light flashed in front of my closed eyes. Bright, short, healing, that the Light was, I jumped off my bed, sat in awe thinking about what I have just encountered.
It was as if He came down and touched my head with the tip of His finger, and lifted all my anxiety, freeing me from the suffering.
I laid back down to bed, said a prayer to God; the next thing I know, I woke up in the morning from a sound sleep.

God is Great.
Glory to the Lord.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just when you think I won't blog about this...

Kolok mee yo!
I miss these babies.

This is Wantan!

And this is Wan Tan Mee with char siew oil!

And this is 炒果条湿! (with ketchup).
Very different than 滑蛋河!
Argh, just amazing.

Happy Birthday Sis!

A belated post :D

Last saturday was her birthday. Bro-in-law cooked! Which means yay! haha
Not that I don't enjoy the food my mum cooks, just that she is afraid to explore new dishes, just those traditional hakka dishes.

Here we have lamb shoulder stew! He cooked with all those traditional spices! I liked it, very soft. You can easily part the meat from the bone. Exotic!

Stuffed chilli! Brushed with a layer of oyster sauce when served. I thought it would be spicy! It wasn't cause all the seeds were removed. Thumbs up!

Traditional "Chap choi" mixed vegetables. But this is more like brocolli, mushroom and shrimp.

Tofu and mushroom soup. Rawrness. This is heaven.

Ok bye.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's Black "Ops!" baybeh!

Went to visit my friend's game shop today. Had morning breakfast with a couple of friends; had a good one. Except for the drinks here! Teh-C Peng now costs Rm2.00! Inhumane to the max.
Anyway, my friend's shop is located in the so-called Merdeka Mall. Newly opened, only about 30%-40% of the shops were opened. Very little people.

The store! Beautifully decorated.

Black Ops: Been playing it almost the whole time. Graphic is amazing. Loading is fast. Much more efficient. One bad thing though, big bad thing - ANALOG.

Split-screen play. So Spy-plane function is pretty much redundant.
Played COD: Black Ops, Dragon Ball, NBA 2K11, and some other Kinect games. Very interesting I must say(refering to Kinect).
I will drop by quite often. By the time university starts again, I think I will become a Black Ops pro on X-Box. :p